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Who i am and what i do

My name is Daniel Cirilli, and I am a personal coach.
When I decided to embark on this path, I immediately wanted to aim for the best. This strong belief led me to move to Rishikesh, India, where I studied the practices that I now teach.
I have been working on physical preparation, relaxation techniques, meditation (Yoga Nidra, Om Mantra, Candle Meditation, Transcending Meditation etc.) and prevention (Pranayama and Shat Kriya) since 2010. I am a RYT 500-hours teacher (Yoga Alliance) in Italian and in English, and I teach Functional Training, Calisthenics, Yoga, and Personal Training. I have also trained international athletes. I believe as well that a good posture is crucial for a successful workout: for this reason, I collaborate with an osteopath, to ensure the best possible result for those who choose to train with me.
Beyond techniques and work experience, what I like most is to establish a common path, a mutual and stimulating relationship of trust. I passionately believe that through an authentic human relationship, work can become more stimulating, creative, and effective.


Creative Training

I love calisthenics because it is a simple workout method that is open to everyone: you do it using your own body weight, nothing else is needed. You do not need any special equipment and it can be done anywhere. It is a discipline where creativity and imagination play an active role: you can invent endless exercises. This means that, regardless of the starting level, calisthenics adapts to the needs of everyone: from beginner to advanced level, everyone can find the right workout.

Calisthenics has many exercises for any level and allows you to train different mental and physical functions, such as strength, endurance, agility, mobility and flexibility, coordination and control. This makes Calisthenics a perfect base workout for any kind of sport. For those who practice calisthenics, the increase in muscle mass is not the main objective, but a certain consequence. Calisthenics develops a qualitative musculature, and not only aesthetically beautiful, because a functional use of one's own muscles is required in the exercises.
In short, if calisthenics appeals to you, whatever your age and starting level, we can begin a focused and exciting journey together.


Discover your consciousness

Yoga is a complete path. The word Yoga means union, and I like to describe Yoga as the discipline that leads you to the highest level of consciousness and awareness. There is a lot of confusion about the use of this term. I often hear it associated with certain words with the intent, perhaps, to ennoble Yoga itself: recreational Yoga, healthy Yoga, Yoga as an art form. In my opinion, Yoga does not need any addition to assume value. Yoga is getting closer to the ultimate nature of existence, it is the gradual understanding of being part of a whole, it is the rejection of individuality, becoming one with the universe.

This path is as much spiritual as it is physical. Yoga, in fact, increases muscle strength and flexibility, increases respiratory and cardiovascular function, improving lung capacity and heart function, helps create healthy habits, reduces stress, anxiety, chronic pain, panic attacks, improves the quality of sleep and life in general, connects body, mind and spirit to nature.
If you decide to start a journey together with me, we can study these disciplines of Yoga:

ASANA - Physical Practice
Asana is a Sanskrit term that is often translated as "posture" or "pose". It can also be translated as "a stable and comfortable seat," particularly for the purpose of meditation. Specific asanas can also be modified to meet all the needs and desires of the practice. Asana helps relieve chronic pain and control breathing, improves quality of life, and allows for stress reduction.

PRANAYAMA - Breathing
Pranayama is a system of techniques for preserving and controlling the universal energy known as prana. It is an integral aspect of yoga, often incorporated into the practice of asanas or used as a preliminary step to meditation. Pranayama stabilizes the mind and brings physiological benefits such as increased heart rate variability, improved oxygen saturation, and general rebalancing of the nervous system. 

MEDITATION - Awareness Training
Meditation is a precise technique to rest the mind and reach a state of consciousness different from the normal waking state. It is the means to probe all levels of ourselves and finally experience the center of inner consciousness. Meditation is not part of any religion. Rather, it approaches it as a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular order, has defined principles, and produces results that can be verified.


Where we can train


Live video lessons at times that you choose.


All over the world: there is no place I will not go.


Seminars and in-depth courses.

My Proposal

In addition to the ones you see here, we can create together a custom package of workouts tailored to your needs.

5 workout plan examples, by goal:

Needed course:
Calisthenics. This course will allow you to increase your strength exponentially.

Needed course:
Calisthenics in order to increase strength and to balance the muscles (agonists/antagonists) and make them flexible and balanced with Yoga (Asana), thus finding the right postural alignment.

Suggested course:
Calisthenics + Yoga (Asana) + Breathing.
This course will allow you to increase your strength exponentially.
Suggested course:
Yoga (Asana + Pranayama + Meditation) in order to relax mind and body, also helps to work on ourselves and our skills. It motivates to constant practice that makes us feel better, active, and creative, both physically and mentally.
Goal: to increase coordination and balance (both mental and physical), to increase strength and power, without gaining too much body weight and without losing my flexibility, and to improve my performance to reach my sports goals.

Recommended course:
Calisthenics in order to work on strength, power, endurance, coordination (inter- and intra-muscular) and balance; Yoga (Asana) in order to work on flexibility, coordination, endurance, balance (not only muscular, but also at the level of the organs and the mind), thus, to connect body and mind. This together with Pranayama and other breathing exercises, which allow us to increase our lung capacity, control the mind and make the hollow organs work properly, without going to overload them or leave them inactive. In fact, if the muscles and other structures are not activated correctly, it will lead us to have organ and muscle pathologies, and more. Pranayama and other breathing exercises allow us to become aware of ourselves. Secondly, meditation gives us the possibility to improve both physically and mentally, it gives us a different and positive view of the world, it gives us awareness, attention, it makes us keep the right control in our daily actions, thoughts, and emotions, it teaches us to live and understand ourselves completely. Finally, it is also important to be followed by an osteopath to have reports on the work we are doing both at muscular, postural, and mental level.

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